We are promoting manufacturing even if we are attracted to leather, wood, and metal materials. In particular, I am fascinated by the warmth, texture, and beauty of leather.


01 Global environment

When asked about environmental friendliness in the attitude of making things, he said, "Leather is a by-product." However, in the face of severe environmental problems in recent years, the true value of leather itself is increasingly being questioned.

There are various processes before "leather" becomes "leather", and a large amount of water resources are used for the treatment before tanning. After that, materials-chemicals and natural materials-are used in various processes such as "chrome tanning / vegetable tannin tanning". Domestic and foreign tanners consider the global environment, such as efforts for "disposable things" used to turn leather, which is a by-product, into leather, and devising and developing new environmentally friendly tanning methods. , We are seriously working on making leather in consideration of sustainable human activities.

02 Natural material

I feel that the selection of materials is the most difficult. Leather and wood are different in size, color and texture. There are healing wounds and knots. I want to use up the materials carefully. It is also a craftsman who cuts after identifying the original individuality of the material and selecting it. For example, avoid scratches on leather materials, but use healing scratches on products. However, the skill of the craftsman is required as to where and how to put the healing wound. We make our products with the idea that we want you to use our products comfortably and for a long time. I would like to convey the appeal of the material to many people.

03 Technology transfer

The aging of Japanese handicraft craftsmen has long been said. It is also said that the aging of craftsmen is progressing in Italy, which has been established as an industry. It seems inevitable that the corona disaster will spur the current situation. On the other hand, the number of young people learning from places to teach and teach leather sewing and craftsmen is gradually increasing. Japanese craftsmanship makes many high quality products with delicate work.


CORINO 2.9-1.0 will create new things while collaborating with craftsmen with the design concept of "a brand new and universal item that fits into everyone's life" and "sustainable = long-lasting use". I will. In addition, I participate as a part-time instructor in training craftsmen in Toyooka, which boasts 70% of domestic bag production.