Opened July 1, 2020

About corino2.9-1.0

Eyes that have seen manufacturing

corino2.9-1.0 designs leather accessory BAG and interior products, and produces textile graphics. We continue to design and produce brand-new, universal items that are familiar to everyone's lives, in connection with manufacturers and craftsmen in various regions. 2.9-1.0 We will change the shape and shape of our products.

It's easier to use than it is now, and it's a little bit more ingenious to suit your daily life. I want to connect. We aim to create a brand that pursues adaptability by continuing to be a standard product that you can take your time to think about and purchase when you are satisfied.

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Designer Noriko Otaka / NORIKO OTAKA Musashino Art Junior College Graphic Department span>
Graduated from Musashino Art Junior College, Department of Design Research
2016 with ontano sudio Collaboration PSB production
2018 corino2.9-1.0 TPH announcement
2019 Omotenashi Selection 2019 Award
2020 A'Design Award & amp; Competition 2020 Bronze' A Design Award [TPH LEATHER]
A'Design Award & amp; Competition 2020 Iron'A Design Award Award [TPH STEEL]

Intellectual property rights owned 2016 Utility model registration No. 3208153 >
2019 Utility model registration No. 3215044
2020 Trademark registration No. 6230826 corino2. 9-1.0