corino2.9-1.0 launched

Make the bag you want. "Simple" and "beautiful" BAG. It is ageless, can be used for a long time, and is neat. BAG that allows you to keep your back straight and in a beautiful posture even when you have a rough style. I think that you can change your posture by choosing bags and shoes.

Fashion miscellaneous

We started with a simple desire that I felt while planning many brand bags and small leather goods. The knowledge I gained from continuing my work and the connections I have with people have helped me to start my own thoughts, and I have been preparing little by little since 2012.

Split leather

Cowhide, which is a natural leather, is thick and is put into a machine and split to make the thickness uniform. The back part of the leather that has been scraped off is called floor leather, and since the leather material is originally a by-product, it is also a by-product. Split leather is a new material made from leather by various processing. Split leather is "upcycling element". CORINP2.9-1.0 PBS (paper bag style) uses split leather that is light and clean by applying polyurethane resin (enamel sheet) to the surface of the floor leather with weak fiber strength to increase the strength and leaving the suppleness of the leather. did. The paper bag style tote bag that pursues simplicity will develop LEATER GOODS with a new taste that is located between fashion and interior.